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architecture animation

Over Charged
A team of 5 (+ the client) created this animation. I was proud to work with these people. They inspired me and they let me know when something could be better. For behind the scenes images and videos check out ourFacebook Group (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=279802284373&ref=ts).

OverCharged - Short Animation from Over Charged on Vimeo.

Software Used: Maya, Mental ray, After Effects


Animated Music Video (2010)
Band: Kirtana Rasa
Song: Väljamõeldud Maal

An individual project. The band is a group of proffessionals. I did everything from filming to compositing with help from the band, the University and my dad.

Kirtana Rasa - Väljamõeldud Maa (Music Video with subs) from Krister Viirsaar on Vimeo.

Software used: Maya, Mental ray, After Effects, Premier


The Steadfast Tin Soldier (2009)

My second eved character animation. Every time I finish one piece I feel I could do so much better than that already. Modeling, texturing, rigging, rendering all done by myself. That is a lot of work and some bits in here are very sluggish.

Software used: Maya with Mental Ray


Aliens Invade Bradford (2009)

The aim of this project was to practice special effects: composing 3D animation onto filmed footage. The assignment was simple (make a UFO destroy a human), but strict, so it looks a bit cheesy, but those were the requirements.

Software used: Maya with Mental Ray, After Effects


Newspaper character animation (2009)

Here's a test animation made for a proposed commercial.


Software used: Maya